Lifelong Learning and Wastewater Treatment in the Baltic Sea Region:

  • Capacity Development Opportunities Observed in the IWAMA Project (2016-2019)
  • State of the Art in the Wastewater Treatment Education in the Baltic Region
  • Evaluation of Capacity Development Activities in the IWAMA Project (2016-2019)

Wastewater treatment process game! Quiz and separate mini-games for mechanical treatment, Clarification and Activated sludge processes!

Links for the trainers, educators or learners from the various lifelong learning supporting on line tools and e-methods. Containing technical simulations and games for the students as well as guiding e-material for teachers.

Report for the data based iterative process to optimize WWTPs processes via Six Sigma tool.

Updated logbook about the latest new material and it`s placement in the English folder of training material package!